Please click on the team members photographs to find out more about their research and role within the research group.

Staff Members

Dr Ryan Pereira

Group Leader

Associate Professor of Carbon Water Dynamics Lyell Research Fellow

Dr Daryl Hughes

Hydrosystems modeller

Dr Philippa Rickard

Marine microbiologist and biogeochemist

Dr Priscilla Carrillo-Barragán

Environmental Microbiologist

PhD Researchers

Sevda Norouzi

PhD Researcher on developing new technolgies to improve air-sea gas flux estimates

Katrina Walker

PhD Researcher on temporal and spatial drivers of organic matter changes in the surface microlayer

Beth Cowling

PhD Researcher on tropical riverine organic matter cycling

Daniel Ruth

PhD Researcher on real-time technologies for improved water treatment of organic matter

Muhammad Sabiu Jibrin

PhD Researcher on subsurface organic matter interactions

Will McMinn

PhD Researcher on oceanic primary productivity and organic matter sequestration

Group Technical Support

Dr Juliane Bishoff

Lyell Technical Services Manager

Dr Alba Navarro

Carbon-Water Dynamics Technician

Associate Members

Dr James Spray

Post Doctoral Research Associate in Virtual Reality

Researchgate profile



Dr Sara Trojahn

PhD Researcher

Thesis: The Role of Dissolved Organic Matter in Atmosphere-Land-River Interactions

Researchgate profile

Dr Onoriode Esegbue

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Project: WaterPro

PURE Profile

Justin Skinner

MSc graduate

Dissertation: Comparability of surfactant quantification methods and surfactant variability within a river system

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